About Myron Braxton Pemberton

Cultivated In An Entrepreneurial Lineage. Entrepreneurship And His Love For People As A People Person Was Truly Ingrained In His DNA. Myron Was Destined To Stand And Rise On The Backs Of His Ancestry. His Great Grandfather A Baptist Minister To Whom Founded Pemberton Temple, GrandFather Electrician And Refrigeration Entrepreneur To Whom Founded Pem’s  Electric And His Senior Brother, Ambrose Benjamin Pemberton III Founder Of A.B. Pemberton Allstate Agency. An Allstate Super-Star Insurance Entrepreneur To Whom Was Most Influential In Myron Embarking Upon An Insurance Career As A Business, At A Very Young Age. 

Born And Raised In Washington, D.C., Myron Acquired An Unquenchable Thirst And Passion To, As Myron Say’s, “To Put Out Catastrophic Financial Fire’s Before They Start.” Recognizing The Financial Devastation As The Result Of People Filing Bankruptcy And Going Broke, Based On No Fault Of Their Own, His Vision Began To Crystalize. As President Bush Said In The Leave No Child Behind Act Of 2001. Myron Braxton Pemberton’s Saying; “If At All Possible, Leave No Qualified, Hard Working Consumer Financially Naked, Due To A Catastrophic Accident Or Critical Illness, Based On No Fault Of Their Own.” 

Myron’s Philosophy Is Quite Simple! “In Order To Bring More Money Into The Life Of Our Company, We Must Bring More Money Into The Life Of Others, Before And After True Time Of Need! 

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Speaker 1990 -1994