The Greatest Salesman In The World Part II

Vow #1. Never Again Will I Pity or Belittle Myself

No Longer Am I One Of The Living Dead!

Vow #2. Never Again Will I Greet The Dawn, Without A Map

I Must Not, I Will Not, Walk Away From This Challenge, As I Have So Many Times In The Past!

*Tomorrow Is Only Found, In The Calendar Of Fools!

Vow #3. Always Will I Bathe My Days In The Gold Glow Of Enthusiasm

Failure Is No Longer, My Constant Companion!

Vow #4. Never Again Will I Be Disagreeable With A Living Soul

Vow #5. Always Will I Seek The Seed Of Triumph, In Every Adversity

Vow #6. Never Again, Will I Perform Any Task At Less Than My Best

I Am A Child Of God, Be To Victory!

I Must Apply Myself To Work With Such A Concentration Of My Mind And My Muscle And My Time That, To Those Who Live In The Squalor Of Idleness, I May Appear To Have Given Leave Of My Senses. So Be It.

Vow #7. Always Will I Throw My Whole Self Into The Task At Hand

The Difference Between Those Who Succeed And Those Who Fail Does Not Consist In The Amount Of Work Done By Each But In The Amount Of Intelligent Work.

Success Is Always Jealous Of Scattered Energies.

Vow #8. Never Again Will I Wait And Hope For Opportunity To Embrace Me

I Have Been So Blind.

Never Once Did I Recognize Opportunity When It Presented Itself In My Life Because Always It Has Been Disguised As Hard Work.

Now I Understand That Opportunity Knocks At No Door. She Will Answer Only When I Knock. I Will Knock Often And Loud!

Vow #9. Always Will I Examine, Each Night, My Deeds Of The Fading Day

What A Joy, What A Blessed Sleep Will Always Follow Such A Personal Inspection.

Questions Formed In My Head With Little Prompting.

• What Infirmity Have I Mastered Today?

• What Passion Opposed?

• What Temptation Resisted?

• What Virtue Acquired?

(Did I Attempt The Extra Mile? Did I Remain Alert For Opportunities?)

Vow #10. Always Will I Maintain Contact, Through Prayer With My Creator

The Fewer Words, The Better Prayer.

Among My Prayers Will Be Simple Words…

Prayer To An Unseen Friend.

The Greatest Salesman In The World Part II